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About us

Photo by Deonisy Mit

Independent Kazakhstani think tank in the area of economic policy.
We are not affiliated with the state, our ideas are based on our own convictions and a clear political position.

Why Desht?

Desht-i-Kipchak, or the Great Steppe, is our historical territory. We appreciate its size and sense of liberty. We feel this region is unique and deserving of its own economic narratives. We shouldn’t live by the agendas of other nations or uncritically replicate abstract international experience.

Why Institutional transformation?

Current discussions on the modernisation of the country focus around “what to do” – namely, specific initiatives and projects. Implementation is sluggish because questions “who does” and “how” are overlooked.

We intend to shift the focus of the discussion to developing institutions for the promotion and nurturing of economic liberties.

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