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The professional and IT services sector is critically important, despite its small size in the structure of the economy. It empowers management with competencies, transforms a craft into a corporation and enables businesses to achieve economies of scale through process optimization. As a result, it enhances the overall value of a business. A country transitions from an industrial to a post-industrial economy, marking the next stage of development.

Current strategy of the state focuses on strengthening the competitive market economy and decentralization. However, a market for it to function well, needs to have minimal transaction costs, which begin accruing with a lack of quality information for decision-making.

Understanding the situation at the meso level (for example, an industry or regions), requires coordination among multiple interested stakeholders. However, achieving this coordination becomes challenging in the presence of weak institutions.

Our intention is to generate a more comprehensive understanding for others, breaking the "vicious circle" and helping them see the bigger picture ("forest behind the trees").

We anticipate that these efforts will result in improved strategic decision-making within government agencies and large companies. Our products will play a role in attaining a new optimum, even considering the current constraints of the Kazakh economy.


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